Figurines in Bronze or Other Metals

These items are not for sale, but are to show various artworks featuring the Borzoi.

"Forever Friends"
by D. H. Chiparus

bronze on marble with ivory face/hands

similar to the Chiparus piece; possibly spelter placed on marble

artist unknown

"Friends Forever" Clock

by Ferdinand Preiss

15H x 24L x 6W

This is a magnificent clock made up of solid marble and bronze.


by Otto Poertzel

Bronze, ivory and marble

"Lady with Dog "

by Etienne-Henri Dumaige (1830-1888)

Height: 8 1/2" Length: 29"

Bronze on marble base.


Bronze by Garry Newton

by Russian artist, Svetlana Lapina, St. Petersburg

this piece commonly found on eBay with 
the title "Eurpoean Borzoi"; nice detail and heavy for it's size

bookend, maker unknown

one of the more popular designs

by NuArt

signed Henry W. Longfellow

Individually Chased, colored and signed.  Color is achieved by Oxidizing and a jewelers lacquer is then applied.
Measures approx. 18x24 inches

Borzoi from Valandale
7 1/2 inches long and about 3 inches high

Life-sized (24 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 60 inches long) bronze sculpture on a marble base

by Gerda Van Den Bosch

1920's Hagenauer
brass or bronze with nickelplate 
(this one's missing the tail)

"High Spirits"

by J. Lormier
16" x 23" 

"Friends Reward"

by  D. H. Chiparus

Gilt-Bronze and Ivory Group. Early 20th century - Circa 1925. 
Made in France. 
Dimensions 18 in. (45.8 cm) high


thanks to Cindy Michalak and Sally Stasytis for help 
in identifying some of these pieces

the Guardian of the Steppes

by Deborah Vidaver-Cohen


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