Borzoi Figurines

These items are not for sale, but are to show various artworks featuring the Borzoi.

by Schaubach Kunst

"Bonnet Ears" Borzoi
by Rosenthal

this particular piece is meant to be black and white, but turned out a blue-ish color

by Hutschenreuther

approx. 4 1/2 inches long

hard paste porcelain by Katzhautter

by Coventry
this piece is usually found in black and white

made in Czechoslovakia

issues by Bing and Groehndahl

signed LJ
circa 1914

issued by Hutschenruther, artist Max Hermann Fritz

made between 1916 and 1938

Royal Dux Bohemia
"Running Diana with Borzoi"

issued by Grafenthal, Germany

by Katzhutte Hertwig, Germany

Antique black and white BORZOI
Made by East German manufacturer Ilse Pfeffer in Gotha, which does not exist any more. 
Old mark from 1934-1942 on the bottom

from the Royal Crown Derby National Dog collection - one of six pieces that represented nationalities from various world areas.

9" tall.

Steffl Ceramic Vienna (no porcelain). Polychrom painted.
13.8" high; 16.5" long

Rosenthal figurine
by Fritz Heidenreich
hand painted
5 3/4" by 5" by 7 3/4"



thanks to Cindy Michalak and Sally Stasytis for help 
in identifying some of these pieces


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