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Borzoi (or Borzoi-related) General Information books

Books listed first are currently in print. Other books that may be of interest to the Borzoi aficionado, but are no longer being printed, are listed at the end. You may wish to search for out-of-print titles on eBay or rare-book websites. Many of the titles that are no longer being printed are well worth searching for.

The BorzoiThe Borzoi
by Desiree Scott

History of the Borzoi (and sighthounds in general), with concentration in the UK.

Life With Borzoi Life With Borzoi
by Phydelma Gillette

Ms Gillette of Rancho Gabriel Borzoi, reflects on her 30 years in the breed, observing and living with them. For the serious Borzoi fancier.

Hoflin's Borzoi Annual
Borzoi Annual (Hoflin)

Hoflin publishes an annual yearly - contains interviews, show retrospect, breeder ads and articles

Borzoi, Most Noble Greyhound Borzoi, Most Noble Greyhound (reprint)
by Stedman Shumway Hanks

English translation of the French classic, originally published in 1960

Borzois by McRae
Borzois (How to Raise and Train)

by Gail McRae

More of a basic starter book

Borzoi Champions Borzoi Champions, 1952-1981

listing of Borzoi who finished their AKC championships in the specified years, plus pics and pedigrees

Borzoi Champions: 1982-1986

listing of Borzoi who finished their AKC championships in the specified years, plus pics and pedigrees

Borzoi ChampionsBorzoi Champions, 1987-2001

A listing of Borzoi who finished their AKC championships in the specified years, plus pictures and pedigrees

Hutchinson on SighthoundsHutchinson on Sighthounds
Reprint of the sighthound sections from Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia (England, 1935).  A highly recommended collection of sighthound information.
Gazehounds, The Search for TruthGazehounds, The Search for Truth
by Constance Miller

History, dog selection, structure - articles reprinted from the Gazehound magazine

Observations on Borzoi
Observations on Borzoi: Called in America Russian Wolfhounds
by Joseph Thomas

Writings on BorzoiWritings on Borzoi
by Melanie Richards

Articles include historical write-ups and interviews on various kennels; history of the influence of Dutch borzoi on North American breeding programs; and spotlights on individual borzoi and more.

Sight HoundsSighthounds - Their History, Management and Care
by Juliette Cunliffe

Includes practical advice on the care and management of the breeds from breeding, whelping and rearing to grooming, training and general health. Also discusses common problems specific to each breed. Many black & white photos.



The following books are no longer in print. You can find them used (sometimes on eBay)

  • The Complete Borzoi
    by Lorraine Groshans
    The "Bible of the breed" - well worth the search
  • Borzois
    by Winifred Chadwick
    Another classic well worth the search
  • The Borzoi
    by John Frazer Gordon
  • Your Borzoi
    by Fred Edlin (Ridgeside Borzoi)
  • Borzoi As I Know It
    by Arthur Craven
  • The Life and Legends of Borzoi
    by Eileen Worthing
  • The Russian Wolfhound
    by Nellie Martin
  • All About Borzoi (1968)
    by the Borzoi Club of Northern California
  • The Borzoi
    by the Borzoi Club of America
    aka "the blue book"
  • Riders of the Wind


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