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Borzoi Stories

Books listed first are currently in print. Out-of-Print books are listed at the end. You may wish to search for out-of-print titles on eBay or rare-book websites.

by Patricia Linehan and Patrick Landreth

A tale of a Borzoi exported from Russia. Available from Hoflin Publishing.

The Wolfhound The Wolfhound
by Kristine Franklin

Charming children's book with extraordinary artwork.

The Three Questions The Three Questions
by John Muth, from a story by Leo Tolstoy

Young Nikolai searches for the answers to 3 questions he believes will show him how to be a good person. More gorgeous artwork.

Santa's Spectacular Flight Santa's Spectacular Flight
by Kitty Rogers; illustrations by Barbara Johansson

A whimsical Borzoi Christmas story of how Borzoi came to live at the North Pole. Featuring full page, full color illustrations.

The Three Questions The Dog Who Sang at the Opera
by Jim West and Marshall Izen and
Illustrations by Erika Oller

Based on a true incident, this is the story of an unscheduled duet on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera by a Borzoi names Pasha

The Three Questions Dancing with Great Aunt Cornelia
by Anne Quirk

Described as "Auntie Mame" recast in a children's book, the story includes a Borzoi named Rasputin.

The Romanov Prophecy
by Steve Berry

A suspense novel, in the style of The DaVinci Code, which focuses on the restoration of the Romanov dynasty. A lawyer attempts to discover whether any children of Nicholas II escaped Lenin's executioners. A series of exotic clues propel the pair on an international scavenger hunt. Borzoi don't play any predominate part in the novel - just glimpses.


The following books are no longer in print.  You can find them used (sometimes on eBay)

  • Riff, Remember
    by Lynn Hall
  • Karmenka
    by Carol Pistorius
    Story of a boy and his beloved Borzoi in South Africa.
  • With My Dogs in Russia
    by Hildegard Plevier
  • Henry
    by Jay Atkinson
  • Rowdy, An Alaskan Dog Story
    by Robert Joseph Diven
    Adventures of a Borzoi/Wolf cross.
  • Zanoza
  • Arcturus the Hunting Hound and Other Stories
    by Yuri Kazakov
    A collection of stories, one featuring a Borzoi.
  • The Dogs
    by Ivan Nazhirin
    1931 novel about life in Russia told from the point of view of various dogs, including a Borzoi


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