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Allen's Fertility and Obstetrics in the Dog

by Gary England

Book of the Bitch

by J.M. Evans and Kay White

Breeding a Litter: The Complete Book of...

By Beth Harris

to Win: Breed to Succeed
by Pat Craige Trotter
Breeding Better Dogs
by Carmelo Battaglia

Highly recommended! Spoke at the 2002 BCOA National Specialty.

Canine Reproduction

by Phyllis Holst

Future Dog: Breeding for Genetic Soundness

by Patricia Wilkie

Tricks of the Trade
by Pat Hastings
Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type
by Richard Beauchamp
Raising a Champion: A Beginner's Guide to Showing Dogs
by Meredith John and Carole Richards


Control of Canine Genetic Diseases
by George Padgett

Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog

by John Paul Scott
Genetics for Dog Breeders
by Roy Robinson

Early chapters outline basic principles of heredity.  Modern methods of animal improvement are also discussed, in addition to color and coat variation, genetics of breeds, and abnormalities.

The Genetic Connection: Guide to Health Problems in Purebred Dogs
by Lowell Ackerman

Puppy Evaluation

Puppy Puzzle
by Pat and Bob Hastings

An video accompaniment to the Tricks of the Trade book

New Knowledge of Dog Behavior
by Clarence Pfaffenberger

The 1963 landmark work that established the science of puppy temperament testing and critical periods of socialization and development.  >>back in print!<<

Puppy Personality Profile
by Wendy Volhard

Detailed information on giving and understanding a puppy test. Designed for the breeder, includes tests that can be copied and used, complete explanations of each phase, and instructions for administering the test.

Understanding Puppy Testing
by Suzanne Clothier

An analysis of a standard puppy test, adapted from Wendy Volhard's test



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