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Anatomy and Structure

Dog Anatomy : A Pictorial Approach to Canine Structure
by Peter C. Goody

Complete, illustrated guide to canine anatomy featuring 150 detailed drawings.

Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis
by Curtis Brown

Basics of locomotion at dog shows, desirable structures for locomotion, gaits of dogs, source of power for locomotion, locomotion and its dynamics, sustained trotting style, trotting style of breeds designed for galloping, trot of special purpose breeds.

Dogsteps, A New Look
by Rachel Page Elliott

Study of this material will aid in recognizing what is good and what is faulty action and the application of what is learned should produce rewarding results for the conscientious dog breeder.

The Dog in Action
by McDowell Lyon

Written in 1950, this book was the first to thoroughly analyze, illustrate and explain the under-the-skin workings of the dog.

Videos on Anatomy and Structure

Dogsteps DVDDogsteps
by Rachel Page Elliott

Video accompaniment to the book.  The incredible moving x-rays show you what is actually happening when a dog moves; you can see the relationships between parts!

A Key to Movement
by Karen Armistead

You will learn where to look, how to concentrate on specific places where bones can always be seen regardless of coat or patterns of color, and how to organize your looking so you can see how the dog is really moving.

Canine Cineradiography: A Study of Bone and Joint Motion as Seen Through Moving X-Rays
by Rachel Page Elliott


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