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Borzoi Color Codes

The following chart lists the AKC color and markings codes for Borzoi.


Description Code

Apricot 002
Black 007
Black and Brindle 008
Black and Cream 010
Black and Tan 018
Blue 037
Blue and Cream 273
Blue Brindle 056
Brindle 057
Brindled Sable 490
Brown 061
Cream 076
Cream Sable 348
Fawn 082
Gold 091
Gold Brindle 485
Gold Sable 486
Mahogany Brindle 493
Mahogany Red 495
Red 140
Red Brindle 148
Red Sable 155
Sable 164
Sabled Cream 494
Sabled Gold 491
Sabled Red 492
Silver 176
Silver Brindle 303
Silver Sable 286
White 199


Description Code

Black Mask 004
Spotted on White 071
Spotted on White; Black Mask 436
Spotted on White; Ticked 438
White Markings 014
White Markings; Black Mask 114
White Markings; Ticked 439
White Trim 101
White Trim; Black Mask 437

any color acceptable


Borzoi Color Site - view examples of Borzoi colors and patterning


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