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Create 3-generation pedigrees for your website.  This wizard will generate HTML code based upon the information that you enter.  

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Search our growing database for pedigree information.  See an individual dog's siblings and breeding information - just click on the "Breeding Info" link when you pull up a pedigree.

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If we don't have your dog listed - send us it's information for inclusion into the database.  Also - please let us know of any corrections!  This is a free service.


Borzoi Pedigrees - another site featuring submitted 4-generation pedigrees

Borzoi Pedigrees (Europe) - a collection of pedigrees (mostly European at this time) - you can submit the pedigrees of your own dogs as well

Swedish Registry Online - includes all dogs registered since 1975 and competition records since 1993. Tips on using <pops up in new window>


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