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Nothing is more thrilling than watching a Borzoi in full flight.  Some may find it hard to believe that a dog that exudes such elegance and beauty, can also display such extreme power when running.  It is truly a glorious scene to witness. 

Several forums are available for running sports. 

  • Lure Coursing (ASFA or AKC) - developed in the early '70s to simulate running game.  There is a minimum 600 yard course, filled with twists and turns, and a lure (generally several white garbage bags) tied to the line.  The turns are set using pulleys that are staked into the ground.  The lure can be run at variable speeds approaching 50 mph.
  • Straight-Racing (LGRA) - hounds are raced on a straight, flat, 200 yard track using a drag line with a "jackalure".
  • Oval-Racing (NOTRA) - hounds are raced on an oval track for a minimum of 241 yards (440 maximum).
  • Open Field Coursing (aka "real deal") (NACA and NOFCA) - hounds are run on live game (wild, native jackrabbits) on natural terrain.


Gazehounds & Coursing - The History, Art...
by "Dutch" Salmon


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